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Since 1992, Suzelle Snowden (Founder and CEO of Fit Bodies, Inc) has brought the revolutionary concept of a teaching vacation to resorts all across the globe. A teaching vacation enhances fitness, yoga and sports programming at your resort, while offering FREE class and activity options for your guests. 

  • Fit Bodies, Inc. brings expert guest instructors who can lead your guests every week of the year.

  • Our events expertise can provide you with marketable wellness, fitness and sports events with lead instructors from the industry.

  • Our 30 years of experience will help your facility create the best programming for your resort's needs.



 Ask us how we can work together to bring amazing programming to your resort!


Wellness Professionals:
Yoga, Pilates 

tennis (1).png

Sports Professionals:
Golf, Tennis, Pickle Ball


Group Fitness, Boot Camp, Zumba & More.


Meditation and Coaching

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