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Fit Bodies

These are some companions within the fitness community

Fitness Pro Travel Book your next vacation to paradise and network with other fitness professionals from all over the world.

Fit Beach Suzelle Snowden and friends present Fit Beach annually to combine vacation with fitness training, plus certifications.

Can Fit Pro Fit Bodies Inc. offers you discounts on Can Fit Pro workshops, certifications and conferences.

Marianne Wells Costa Rica Teacher Training Marianne provides an in depth and comprehenisve two week, 200 hour yoga teacher training programs. Now offering 150 hour trainings in Costa Rica as well. Fit Bodies Inc. and Marianne go way back, making it easy to vouch for her as an established yoga teacher and teacher trainer with a solid training program.

Fitour Watch We offer discounts to use for updating certifications with Fitour or gaining new training. Your account at Fitness Pro Travel qualifies you to these discounts.

BeamFit David has been teaching Beaming„¢ to his students and has seen amazing transformations that he has not seen from other activities he's taught over the course of his 30 years in the fitness business.

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