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Hire an Instructor page

The database of skilled professionals Fit Bodies, Inc. holds is full of great instructors who are local to all cities in the U.S., Canada and beyond. A business, whether it be a corportate headquarter, hotel or other hospitality industry will Fit Bodies, Inc. proficient at helping you hire on an excellent, professional and reliable instructor to suit your needs, regardless of the type(s) of wellness classes you would like to offer. Experienced and certified, with diverse backgrounds and teaching skills, Fit Bodies can place instructors on an employment basis.

The process of hiring an instructor involves a consultation to access employer needs, negotiation of fees to Fit Bodies for the placement service and offering a large handful of very interested and motivated candidates for employer to review. The candidate contact information can be given to employer at that time of the process or Fit Bodies can continue to service the account by continuing to narrow down candidates until the employer is ready to receive final candidate(s) contact information. Fit Bodies will consult on the employment negotiation, if desired by employer and setup the new instructor's class schedule. 

The large database Fit Bodies, Inc. holds is full of motivated teaching specialists from many fitness backgrounds who desire to share their love of wellness through instructing classes. Sharing their teaching gifts with your staff, hotel guests or otherwise would be a real joy for many instructors while having a local and reliable instructor would be a wonderful amenity to offer. 

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